Half Moon Bay Yacht Club


Knot Tying Workshop

  • 16 Nov 2017
  • 18:30 - 20:30
  • Event Center and clubhouse

Knot Tying Workshop
presented by Women Sailing):

Come, join Women Sailing for their annual Knot Tying Workshop! An excellent opportunity to practice the knots you know, learn some you don't, and practice the art of leaving your lines looking great on the dock. Tie a bowline, tie a bowline behind your back, tie a figure 8, do a daisy chain, do a clove hitch around your finger (or stay), finish with a half hitch, spiral your extra line, belay a line on a cleat (crucial, also known as a cleat hitch). If you know a knot that we do not, please be prepared to share!  We will have some cleats and line, but bring your own if you have it. We will also practice the crucial art of throwing rope to a friend.  Maybe a contest with prizes!

Contact wsmanager@hmbyc.org for more information.

Event Captain: Martha Huddle

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