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Member Rental Jennifer Celestre

  • 15 Apr 2018
  • 15:00 - 20:00
  • Event room

Member rental Jennifer Celestre will host a Retirement Party, with 60 Adults & 20 Kids.

Set-Up =  3:00  Need 1 HH

Start     = 4:00  (1 Bartender to start at 3:30 & end at 8:00)

Finish  =  7:00  

Cleaned = 8:00  (Jennifer will close the club, regular W/O can go home at 7:00)

Jennifer Celestre is catering this party.

They want 2 White Wines (Chard & Savagnin) & 1 Red wine (Pinot) on each Table (8 Tables)

They want to have 60 tickets to give to the Adults to get a complementary BEER ONLY at the bar.  The tickets are to be counted at the end of the night and charged on their credit card.

Charge them for the open bottles of wine on their tables.

They will need the Microphone set up.

Tami Schubert Rental Director. 

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